This is a collection of drawings I have gathered during my research into building my own car. These were mostly gathered before I decided to build the Stalker.


Lotus Seven Drawings

Lotus Seven Cutaway DrawingLotus Seven General ArrangementPorsche 550 General Arrangement

Lotus 23 Drawings

There has been a great deal of interest in more detailed drawings of the 23.  I do not have them.  A commenter from South Africa sent me some scaled down scans of engineering drawings and I wasn’t interested as they did not have any suspension details. I do not have the scans.




Ford Zetec Dimensions

LS-1 Truck Engine Dimensions

GM Pushrod Small Block V-8Vortec 4300

Miata Suspension Dimensions


8 Responses to Drawings

  1. […] Drawings jump to navigation […]

  2. Brian Davis says:

    Thanks for these great drawings. The original seven drawings are really cool. I have Autodesk Inventor and have been looking for files beyond the basic frame. Are your drawings downloadable? Do you have any drawings of the L67 used for the SuperStalker? I guess there may be some good ones in a auto manual for a car that has this engine.

  3. Jim says:

    Thanks for the great drawings. They’re just what I was looking for.

  4. Grant says:

    I just ran across this post from Miata.net. I’m trying to simiulate Miata suspension in Suspension Analyzer, and was going to use some of your drawing PDFs here.

    Do you know if these drawings represent the dimensions of a factory Miata subframe (or an altered one?), and if so, which model (NBs have slightly different front pickup points)?

    Thanks for any help.

  5. Jason Rice says:

    Nice! Do you have the key dimensions for the rear upper and lower control arms for a miata? I am modeling the suspension.

  6. […] according to this, the Rear lower control arm pick-up points are 70mm. That sounds about close, 2-3/4" also. Anyone verify? https://enderw88.files.wordpress.com/…olpickups2.pdf Drawings | Mechanical Daydream […]

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