The End in Mind

Seven Habits

One of Steven Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People is “to begin with the end in mind”. Know what you want to accomplish before you set out, otherwise you are likely to get derailed and end up somewhere you never intended.

So what? You are building a kit, don’t you sort of already know what the end is? Well, I already mentioned my immature desire to be different. I also had planned on building the thing completely from scratch before I decide to go the kit route. There are some things I want to change on the Stalker, for no other reason than that I have my own ideas about suspension design and I want to try them out. In all likelihood, it won’t be as good as what Dennis designed, but then again it is my car and I want it a certain way.


While I was researching Locosts, and designing my own car I found a few that had features that appealed to me. I prefer a very wide low look especially in the rear, especially as seen in these two photos:

The first is a Locost that I have never been able to identify. The second is a Donkervoort, a very expensive Seven clone built in the Netherlands.

But, as shown below, the Stalker is a bit narrower, mostly due to the (smart) decision to use the more widely available S-10 2WD solid rear axle and it 54″ track.

clip_image004.jpgSo, what is probably my first bad decision will be to increase the track on the rear using the rear axle from a 4WD S-10 with a 60″ track. This will require modifying the rear wings and remaking the front control arms to match the front track. Using the magic of Paint Shop Pro, it will look something like this:


Front Suspension

Since the front suspension arms will have to be redesigned to give the wider front track (a narrower front track is too prone to excessive oversteer) I may shift to a pushrod design in order to be able to use the same front coilovers that come with the kit. This makes the front end much cleaner aerodynamically, although aerodynamics on a seven clone are not good in any case. It appears there is room under the bonnet to run the coilover horizontally. using a bell crank just about where the coilover pickup is now.. I have to wait until I have the frame in order to assess the feasibility of this idea. I my just have to go with longer coilovers.

Roll Protection

As this car is extremely unlikely to ever see a race track or any other competition. I have a bit more freedom in the design of my rollover protection. I like the F1 style roll hoop seen on the black Locost seen above, but haven’t figured out a good way to make it (or even to buy one) I also want the passenger side removable so that I can fair over the passenger comaprtment and use a single windshield for the vast majority of my solo driving.


This is where my vision gets foggy. I am partial to blue, and Stalker #40

Built by Rick O’Brien has a particularly nice color scheme.

Some other variations on that theme are:





One Response to The End in Mind

  1. Tom Wolfel says:

    Am in the planning stage and thinking of using a S-10 or Ranger as a donor. I like the idea of a V-6. Have a ’83 RX-7 that I might use the read from as it has disc brakes. Is that S-10 a good donor for a Locost using the “book” frame or ….? Advice is always welcome.
    Thanks, Tom

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