Shop Projects

  1. Band Saw.
    I need to cut ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, wood and plastics.  And not in just straight lines, which rules out a table saw for wood duty.   I also want good resaw capability. So I need a much wider range of speeds (60fpm – 3200fpm) than is normally available commercially at a price I am willing to pay.  I found a Taiwanese Delta knock -off 14″ saw very nearby for $200.  I am going to add the low speed capability to that saw and refurbish it. Here is what I need to do:

    • Dust collection
    • Add tire brush to lower wheel
    • Add worklight
    • New base, add blade storage
    • Extension wings for resawing
    • Low speed drive
    • 1.5 HP 220V Conversion
    • Hinge the upper and lower blade covers
    • Riser kit
    • Replace upper wheel bearings
    • Rebuild upper tension tracking assembly
    • New urethane tires
    • Refinish and align table top
    • Check lower wheel bearings
    • Balance wheels
    • Repaint
    • Align wheels
    • New upper, lower and rear blade guides
    • New motor V-belt
    • Resaw fence
  2. New-Fangled Workbench
    I have wanted a bench like this since I first saw the design in 1999. My Festool MFT works great as a table saw replacement, but it isn’t sturdy enough for hand planing and sawing.

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