Super Stalker Parts

  • Upgraded GM L67 Engine
    • ARP Rod Bolts (big ends properly resized at Gary’s Machine Shop)
    • ARP Main Bearing Studs (mains line honed at Gary’s Machine Shop)
    • ARP Head Studs
    • Clevite 77 Main and Rod Bearings
    • ZZP Billet Fuel Logs
    • Cometic Multilayer Steel Head Gaskets
    • Yella Terra 1.6 Roller Rockets
    • Comp Cams 105# Valve Springs
    • Viton Valve Seals
    • Reusable Rocker Arm Bolts
    • SI Stainless Valves
    • Heads intake and outlet port matched
    • Rotating Mass 50% balanced with flywheel
    • Witch Hunter Refurbished Injectors
    • ZZP Polished Valve Covers
  • T5 Transmission from 1998-2002 Camaro 3.8
    • Flywheel GM Part Number 1257-6459
    • Flywheel Bolts GM Part Number 2450-5092
  • Fuel Pump Walbro 255LPH in line universal GSL392
  • Mark Scott Cooling System
  • Rear axle from 1995 Chevy S-10 2WD
  • Rear brakes from 2001 Olds Alero

2 Responses to Super Stalker Parts

  1. KyleB says:

    Did the flywheel have to be machined before using or were you able to use it in stock form?

  2. enderw88 says:

    No changes to the stock flywheel. Straight bolt on.

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