Reality Bites

I have been stalled on the RD-400 while I try to solve the rear suspension spacer problem.  My solution is to get a lathe.  I have been saving and searching for a while with no real luck.  Then, last week disaster struck the Guzzi.

The MG V11 have an internal oil filter.  Normally I put a hose clamp around the oil filter as an insurance against it backing off while the engine is running.  Last time I didn’t.  I also didn’t notice that the oil pressure idiot light wasn’t working.  Combine those two last week and I roasted the engine.  It’s ugly.

The rods are not salvagable.  I had to remove one of them with a cutoff wheel because it got so hot the rod bolt welded.

Here is the crankshaft:IMG_1176

This is an excellent picture of a really bad rod journal:IMG_1177

Scored main bearing:IMG_1178

And its matching partner:IMG_1179

And here is where most of the bearing material went:IMG_1180

Fixing this will drain my lathe account…


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