Power Steering Pump Electrical Connection

I was surprised when the pump arrived that it had 3 connectors, one heavy duty connector, obviously for power to the pump motor and two other connectors with light gauge wire for some sort of control functions. Luckily there is lots of information on using this pump for alternate applications.

The only mistake I made was thinking that the main power supply connections would drive the motor without any additional “help”. The 12V ignition pin must be hot or the pump won’t run. I did not use the speed sensor or the relay ground pin, I placed the relay under the scuttle and grounded it there.

A switch on the dashboard allows me to disable the pump. It is really only useful in slow parking lot conditions (I have heard some people refer to that as “autocross”).

DIYectriccar.com has an excellent post on using the Gen 3 pump in an electric car conversion
Especially useful are the schematics and pinouts:

Here are the Toyota part numbers for the electrical connectors (these part’s get the plastic body only):

Large connector 90980-12068

Middle connector 90980-10897

Small end connector 90980-10942

There are two part numbers for the wiring. They come with the plugs, rubber seals, & about 6 inches of wire. At $6.55/ea they aren’t cheap for what you get, but they are made to fit.

Three pigtails for the small & middle connectors P/N: 82998-12440
Two pigtails for the large connector P/N: 82998-12500


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