Power Steering Pump Plumbing

Building a “frankencar” is particularly interesting when you are mixing manufacturers in the same system. In this case plumbing the Toyota electric power steering pump to the GM Chevette power steering rack.

The Chevette power steering rack fittings are metric, and the location of the EPS pump will require custom lines. I elected to adapt everything to AN-6 fittings since they are easy to come by and making up hoses is trivial (really, see the video at the bottom).

The fittings on the Chevette rack are:
Pressure Port: -6 AN to 18mm x 1.5 Male O-Ring, Aeroquip FBM2609
Return Port: -6 AN to 16mm O- RIng, Aeroquip FBM2608 with a -6 AN to Barb fitting, Derale Cooling Products 98200

The Fitting on the Powersteering Pump outlet port is -6AN to 16mm x 1.5mm male, Earl’s Performance 9919DFJERL

To make up the pressure hose I used Russel Powerflex Hose, -6 size with two 90 degree fittings. The fit is tight but workable. The low pressure return line is just 3/8″ ID rubber hose.

Earl’s Performance has a good video showing how to make up hoses, including the best way to cut braided hose (hint: hack saws are lame!). The Russell PowerFlex hose fittings are slightly different, but the video shows the principles.


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