K75 Hannigan

For some reason I never bothered to take pictures of the paint job I did on my K75 last year.  


5 Responses to K75 Hannigan

  1. Jarod Officer says:

    Hi. Do you still have your K75 with the Hannigan fairing? I also have a K75, and I bought an old Hannigan fairing, but the mount is for a Honda, and won’t work at all on the K-bikes. Do you still happen to have yours or know it’s whereabouts? I’m looking for photos of the mount, so I can have a fabricator make one up for me. It’s hard to figure out how Hannigan may have attached it to the k-bikes.

    Thanks a million!

    398-1967, area code 773

    • enderw88 says:

      Wow, that was a long time ago. I sold the K75 back in 2011. I don’t have any pictures of the bracket. Very sorry. I installed it back in 2006 before I even owned a digital camera!

      • Jarod Officer says:

        Ha! Well, my writing you shows how few of this combination are probably out there. Do you happen to have any records of contact info from the buyer of your bike? Maybe he could be of help. Thanks for getting back to me!


      • enderw88 says:

        I looked back and all I have is that his First name was Robin, and he was a technician at the Best Buy here in Tucson AZ. I haven’t seen the bike since the day I sold it.

      • Jarod Officer says:

        Cool. Well, thanks for checking! I appreciate it. Cheers!

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