Installing a power steering rack

After 15 months of looking I finally found a power steering rack for my Super Stalker. Why? Why not? Also at slow speeds this thing is a bear in a parking lot. But I was never able to find a steering rack, several places, like RockAuto, listed them but couldn’t get them. I eventually gave up and when I did the rebuild I didn’t even think about it. Then last Friday a buddy on the Stalker mailing list told me he knew where I could find one. I knew the PS rack required frame modifications to fit, so my first thought was, “there goes my powder coat job!”. My second thought was, so much for installing the engine this weekend.

One week later the rack was in my garage. Here are pictures of the manual rack installed:

Manual power steering rack in stock position.

The nearest bolt in this picture will need to be relocated to clear the hydraulic lines in the PS rack:

Close up of manual rack. The bolt just below and to the right of the input shaft interferes with the return line on the power steering rack.

But here is the power steering rack compared to the manual rack:

Here is a test fit of the PS rack to get an idea of where to start cutting. The bolt in the background holds the rack mount to the frame mount. It will need to be moved forward to clear the PS hydraulic lines.

Trial fit of the PS rack. The bolt to the left of the input shaft needs to be moved.

This is a detail of the clearance cut made to the left hand side of the rack mount. Once I knew the rack mount would clear the PS hydraulic lines, I used it as a template to mark the frame mount for cutting.

Detail of the modified H-bracket. The notch is to clear the rack hydraulic return.

Here is a close up of the frame mount showing the relocated bolt hole.

Here is the frame mount after cutting it down:

And, after the new supports were welded in:

Here are the measurements of the final mount:

5.75 inches for the forward leg of the frame mount.

2.75 inches for the horizontal cross piece.

3.75 inches frame for the vertical member.

And the PS rack installed (Duplicolor Graphite wheel paint is a near duplicate for the powder coat color, lucky me!):


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