Relocating the battery

I was never very happy with my original decision to locate the battery on top of the firewall shelf.  There is plenty of room in the passengers side foot well so I moved it there.

These pictures show the new battery box prior to coating it with the same bedliner I have used for the interior panels

New battery box in the passenger footwell

The new box location will require an access panel to be cut into the tunnel cover to access the transmission fill and drain plugs.

The inside of the battery box will be cover with neoprene rubber (mousepad material)


One Response to Relocating the battery

  1. Bryce says:

    That’s where my SS’s is. In the state of CT I need to have a plastic cover over the battery if it is in the passenger compartment. But perhaps your battery technically will still be in the engine compartment and sealed off from the passenger side…you’re just using a little space from the passenger side to “donate?”

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