Differential Cover and New Fuel Tank Brackets

This was a bigger change than I ever expected.  The junkyard axle housing I bought was in very good shape expect for one thing: the fill plug couldn’t be removed.  I tried every trick I knew: penetrating oil, heat, I even twisted a 1/2″ to 3/8″ adapter trying to remove it.   My original solution was to weld a fill plug to the steel cover.  This worked nicely but I really wanted one of those trick aluminum covers with integrated fill and DRAIN plugs.  So, I ordered one from Summit Racing.  Now the problems start.

The new cover was significantly thicker than the original steel cover and interfered with the Panhard rod.  I relocated the Panhard rod frame mount further back which then interfered with the fuel tank mounts.  This necessitated re-engineering the fuel tank mount to mount the tank further back with more forward tilt.  After all was said and done everything came out nicely, with about ten times the labor I had expected…

The fuel tank mounts interfered with the Panhard rod in its new position

New fuel tank mounts moved the fuel tank further to the rear and tilted it forward.

Plenty of clearance all around.

From the right side...


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