Frame improvements

With the car torn down to the ground, I have made several little improvements and additions to the frame.  Brake line tabs, better support for the drivers seat sliders, reinforcements for the handbrake mount, reinforcements for the front control arm supports and back stays for the roll bars.

  1. Brake Line Tabs and handbrake cable tab.  I originally fabricated three aluminum brackets to support the hard lines.  Over time they didn’t hold the brake line clamps very well.  I welded three steel tabs in their place.

  2. Drivers seat support cross member.  The Stalker frame has a single cross member running across the floor beneath the drivers seat.  I attached the seat slider mechanism directly to the aluminum floors and used spacers to get the sliders over that cross member. Installing and removing the seat was very difficult with those spacers.  Since I had the frame completely apart, I welded an additional 3/4″ cross member towards the rear of the compartment which allows me to mount the sliders to the cross members rather than to the floor.  This gets rid of the spacers and makes installation and removal of the seat MUCH easier.
  3. Handbrake supports.  The old supports flexed too much.  I changed over to a Lokar handbrake and welded in two cross pieces.
  4. Control arm pickup reinforcement.  The ends of the forward control arm pickups cantilever off of the frame.  This lets them flex under load and could lead to fatigue failure around the welds.  This isn’t a real concern but while I was modifying the frame I added these reinforcements.

  5. Roll bar back stays. I have wanted to put these in for several years, but didn’t want to disassemble enough to weld them in, well that solved itself!

    The horizontal bars will support the deck lid.

So, the frame is ready for powder coating…


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