Round #2

When trying to sell the SuperStalker, the people I spoke with broke roughly into three groups:

  1. Agents.  These were people who wanted me to pay them to find a buyer for the car.  I dismissed all of them.
  2. Builders.  These were guys that wanted to build their own car, but thought mine might be a good place to start.  For the most part these guys ended up building their own.
  3. Owners.  These guys (and I was only contacted by one woman from Western Africa, she was in a group of her own), wanted to buy a car, due to lack of perceived time or skill. They wanted a showroom fresh car.

With that in mind, I still want to sell the Stalker and start another project.  What next project?  Well I am going to build a Brunton Super Stalker.  That’s right, I am going to skip the sell part and rebuild the SuperStalker and fix the little things I thought of after it was too late to redo them.  The frame will get treated to a powder coat that I should have done the first time but was pushed for time, and the engine will get rebuilt.

Yesterday, I pulled the engine and tore it down to a short block.  This weekend I will disassemble the block and start mild enhancements (remove burrs, clean up oil/water passages etc.).  The over all plan is to have the block and heads worked at a local machine shop. And I will continue to tear the car apart down to the frame to get the powder coating done.  Along the way there is a short list of enhancement/do-overs I will do.  Then I should have a “showroom fresh” car to sell, and I got another project out of the SuperStalker!


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