SuperStalker Project List

Here are the upcoming projects for the SuperStalker. This list will be updated as new ideas and repairs are required. When an Item is complete it will be lined out and linked to the post describing the project.

  1. Captive nuts for windscreen. Removing the windscreen now requires a complete removal of the scuttle. Further down the list is a new windscreen, installing captives nuts will make that project much easier.
  2. Wind wings. The current windscreen design spill air around right into my face when I am driving. It severely limits the utility of the car for longer trips.
  3. Arm/Knee pads. I have found every hard spot that I can bang myself on, and a bit of padding here and there would be quite welcome.
  4. Color sand paint. I used too big a tip on my spray gun when I shot the paint, so there is quite a bit of orange peel. This will come out with a few DOZEN hours of color sanding.
  5. Finish Glove box. My glove box works well, but I didn’t have any laminating resin to finish it off. I also lost a key piece of my old spray gun so I can’t respray the dash
  6. Install roll bar back tubes. This is still a question. I have the back tubes, but I am not sure how I would handle the deck if they were installed.
  7. Paint firewall floor. This is just to tidy up the engine bay, but I will have to really tear a bunch of stuff apart to pull the floor.
  8. Paint oil pan for witnessing. I noticed some pretty big dings in the oil pan, and I don’t remember if they were there when I installed the engine. The next Time I change the oil I will pull the pan and paint it, so any new damage will be easily detectable.
  9. Shifter boot. The remote shifter looks cool, but a proper boot may be more attractive.
  10. Spare tire mount. Be prepared…
  11. Wind screen. I want a more attractive windscreen than what is there now, but haven’t yet found any good options.
  12. Accurately model frame. I would like to model the frame in FEA to see how good it is. A good model will also help with lofting a new body.
  13. Cold air box. The air intake is already design to be able to pull air in from the bonnet, but I haven’t cut the hole yet. Another project waiting for laminating resin and a new paint gun.
  14. Polish belt tensioner brackets. Engine bay beautification.
  15. Polish or paint supercharger housing. Engine bay beautification.
  16. Polish or paint wheels. Car beautification.
  17. Rear disk brakes. Rear are completely acceptable now but I can’t get the parking brake to work. Maybe switch to a modern rear disk system could help.
  18. Loft new body. A very long term project is to design and loft a full body onto the Stalker.
  19. Good front end alignment. Right now the alignment is “eyeballed” and it feels pretty close, but I will build a trammel and do it for real.

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