BMW K75 Project List

Here are the upcoming projects for the K75. This list will be updated as new ideas and repairs are required. When an item is complete it will be lined out and linked to the post describing the project.

  1. Replace intake manifold boots. 20 year old rubber. This will be a recurring theme in this list…
  2. Shorten the center stand to make it easier to put up.
  3. Refinish engine covers. Right now the engine covers (valve and right hand cover) are really showing their age.
  4. Remake instrument pod. The custom pod I built several years ago for my instruments has worked well, but could be improved.
  5. Improve the heat management. The key will be modifying the Hannigan lower fairings. I haven’t had them installed on the bike for several years because they actually make the heat worse. But I think I can build ducts that will result in better engine cooling and better rider comfort.
  6. Repaint. It is looking pretty ragged right now.
  7. Repair/Replace Start Button. The rubber button came off and is not repairable.
  8. Recover Seat. Twenty year old vinyl doesn’t react well to the Arizona sun.
  9. Make a turntable, or center stand cart to aid moving the bike around.
  10. Fuel Level Sensor and Gauge. The built in sensor can drive a BMW fuel tank gauge. I won an OEM Fuel Gauge and Temp Gauge on eBay and will install those in the fairing.
  11. Repair panniers.  Need new latches. And there are several cracks that need to be repaired.
  12. Calibrate Tank. How far can you go on a tank of fuel? There is only one really accurate way to find out.
  13. Replace the cap on the choke. Minor parts are falling off now that they are twenty years old.
  14. Replace fuse cover. Who knows where this went, but heavy rain could be an issue with the cover missing.
  15. Footpeg Rubber. Generally all rubber is getting to the point where it needs to be replaced.
  16. Clean Brake Calipers. They are gunked up pretty good.
  17. Restuff right hand wires. The wire bundle going into the right hand switch box has started to pull out. This could be a problem in rain.

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