Shifting Gears

So, the Stalker is what I consider “complete”.  That means I can drive it whenever I want to, and the projects I still have in mind shouldn’t disable it for too long.  I am still getting to know the SuperStalker, it is quite the beast.  But there are still plenty of projects in the Dream Garage.

Since gas hit $4.00 several months ago I started commuting again on my 1989 BMW K75.  It is a good motorcycle that I have already modified quite a bit. But there is more.  In the Arizona heat it roasts my right leg. This is a well known feature of old BMW K-bikes and I want to see if I can tame it. It also needs new paint. The project list for the K75 is here.

Many of the projects for the Stalker I have in mind would be made much simpler if I had a band saw.  I could write a check, but where is the fun in that? So, I want to build a band saw, hopefully for less that I would have to spend to get a commercial unit. There are lots of other shop projects on tap. The list is here.

The project list for the SuperStalker is here.


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