Adding a glove box to the SuperStalker

The SuperStalker is NOT a practical car, it is a really cool toy. But some concessions to practicality need to be made. First is a place to store the documents that the nice police man will ask me for. After looking around a bit for a suitable latch and box I settled on a reproduction glove box for a 65 VW Bug and the latch from the same. It was easy to cut back the box and install it between the dash rails then cut the dash board for an access hatch. The door in hung using a short section of piano hinge glassed into the bottom of the door and screwed into the lower dash rail.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough laminating resin to finish the door properly.  I will eventually glass the box to the dash board and fill in the gaps behind the door so that when opened it actually looks finished.

The box works nicely and I will finish it up I get more resin and a new spray gun to repaint the dash.


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