T-5 Remote Shifter

Some projects take a little longer than you expect, this one took me about ten times longer than I expected.

The T-5 Camaro transmission places the shift just about directly beneath the dash board. This requires the dash to be cut out and the shifter boot to bend around a corner. From a purely aesthetic point of view it is a disaster. Add to that that I screwed up cutting the dash and I have been very unhappy with the way the dash turned out.

The Camaro version of the T-5 has the shifter as far to the rear as any version of the T-5 sold. There is a remote shifter that moves it even further to the rear, but that seemed to be for a car built in Korea and I could never track down those parts. If I wanted to move it further I would have to do it myself.

Several ideas went through my head, mostly involving Rube Goldberg contraptions that were way too complex. Ideally I would have just extended the shifter fork rod, but I am not skilled enough to rebuild a transmission, and I didn’t want to pull it out of the car.  So I decided to make an extension to the actuator in place. Like this:

Sketchup Model of Remote Shifter

Sketchup Model of Remote Shifter

The shifter is a short shifter designed for a SN95 Mustang short shifter. Is is bolted to the rear most hole of the transmission casing and to a custom housing with actuator extension. The housing inserts through the 2″ freeze plug hole at the rear of the T-5 housing. A plate is bolted to it from inside the housing to seal the transmission and maintain alignment with the actuator. I used aluminum for the housing, 1/2″ drill rod for the actuator shafting and 12L14 steel for the machine actuator couplings.

The tolerances needed to be quite close, and I had a very difficult time measuring the shafting dimensions in the transmission. The machining was very challenging for my limited abilities but in the end it seems to work well, if a little stiff. I hope the stiffness will mitigate with time and some wear.

Top view of installed remote shifter.

Top view of installed remote shifter.

Another view of installed shifter

Another view of installed shifter


7 Responses to T-5 Remote Shifter

  1. manny kit 74 says:

    icam up with a similar set up but if it works thats all that matters

  2. enderw88 says:

    I would love to see pictures of your solution, can you post them in the gallery?

  3. Alden says:

    This is the exact solution I have been looking for. Someone needs to make and sell these.

    • enderw88 says:

      I though about it but other than one off cars like the Lotus Sevens there aren’t really any people interested. The Mustang crowd could use it but it won’t fit without serious tunnel modification…

      And the Locost folks don’t want to pay what it would cost to produce.

  4. Gunnar says:

    This item is available as TTEC1275, made for the T5 used in Ssangyong Musso. It is available here in Iceland but to expensive so if you find it at a reasonable prize, pls. let me know.

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