What now?

The Stalker is now street legal, but hardly finished.  It runs, and runs well.  It is the faster car I have ever driven and I haven’t even tried full throttle yet.  Frighteningly fast is an apt description.  More fun than the best roller coaster you have ever been on, is another.

So, what’s left:

  1. Paint.  While the flat black primer look was cool for a bit, it needs paint.  I plan on doing a fews months of shakedown and the shooting paint in the spring.  Of course I also have to make a decision on color
  2. Instruments.  I am very disappointed with the Autoloc instruments.  The Tach is indicating RPM for an 8 cylinder, but the DIP switches are properly set for a six cylinder.  The speedometer isn’t indicating anything, which could be a bad hall effect sensor on the transmission, a wiring problem, or a faulty gauge.  Given the the LCD display in the gauge has fallen into the meter and is half obscured my bet is on a faulty meter.  The volt meter read 2 volts low, verified by using a real multimeter to read the voltage on the input pins.  So, I think I am going to completely change the instrument package to a more expensive but proven Autometer set.  This will require another dashboard.  All of the instrument light went out at the same time.  This is almost certainly a wiring fault.
  3. Noise level.  I have never been a big fan of loud cars.  The Stalker is loud. Too loud for a street car, and I need to bring the exhaust noise levels down.  I experimented with two augers in the exhaust pipes but that didn’t seem to do much.  I don’t think I can do anything about the intake noise.
  4. Interior finish.  Since this car will never see any serious competition, I am not really concerned about adding dead weight. So I plan to do so interior work with some leatherette and carpet.
  5. Suspension:  I still need to go through the complete suspension setup procedures and do a real alignment.  Right now the front tires have been aligned by eyeball and the car tracks striaght and true, but I should do a real alignment.  The rear suspension feels a bit spongy so I may need to adjust the ride height and preload.

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