Windshield installation

I found a local glass shop that cut the blanks for $35 each, and had them the next day! My Dad and Mom were coming out to help us move and I took advantage of an extra set of hands to install the glass.

3M Window Weld Ultrafast Urethane Adhesive is widely available (like at every half way decent auto parts place), but it calls for a particular primer, 3M Single Step Primer. I scoured the community looking for this primer, but was only able to find one that fell of the back of a truck near my favorite paint shop. When I looked at the safety label it said it was Methyl Ethyl Ketone, which exlained why it was so hard to find.  Unfortunately, when I went to use it, the bottle I had was already hardened. The principal purpose of this primer appears to be UV protection to extend the life of the urethane in the field. Since this car is not likely to keep these windshield for a decade, I figured I would be safe as long as I was very careful to clean the parts.

Here you can see the windshield glass clamped up to the brackets. The bracket were coated with a self etching primer as required in the instructions, the backs were painted with glass Rustoleum


After a few hours to cure, I removed the masking tape and was left with this:


I have driven this setup over 15 very bumpy miles, but nothing above 50MPH. It appears very stable and I have no concern about the glass cracking.


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