Fuel System Improvement

Originally I mated the fuel lines to the fuel rail using some fuel proof tubing to build up the outer diameter of the hard lines, then used standard hose clamps to hold the hoses on. But this didn’t seem to hold up to well under vibration even with hose clamps. Even after a very few short test drives it seemed like the fuel lines were shifting around. So I changed course and modified some AN-8 bulkhead fittings to fit on the fuel rail and fixed them with JB Weld. This worked well, but in the back of my wind were warnings from some others about not trusting epoxy under high temperatures and vibration. At about the same time, someone on the Stalker mailing list posted part numbers for some fittings that were design to mate to the fuel rail and terminated in an AN-6 male end. I ordered those and found another fuel rail, along with some AN-6 to AN-8 expanders and used 45 degree AN-8 fitting to make what I feel is a much more reliable design. It also has the advantage of allowing the fuel hose to run closer to the engine and not rub against the underside of the bonnet.


The parts needed to hook AN-6 lines to the hard line are from Summit Racing:

The expanders to hook up my AN-8 lines were a bit more difficult to find, they are XRP 995108, -6 female to -8 male flare seal expander.

I then used standard AN-8 Push Loc 45 degree hose ends.


4 Responses to Fuel System Improvement

  1. Walter Lewis says:

    Thanks for the update, I’m sorry you had to go through the “school of hard knocks”. Stalker #19

  2. enderw88 says:

    Better the school of “hard knocks” than the school of “big flames”

  3. Bill says:

    very helpful. the part numbers you have for summit racing are wrong but I was able to find the parts regardless.

  4. enderw88 says:

    Thanks Bill,
    I have corrected the part numbers.

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