AZ MVD Inspection Part 1

Failed inspection today. The inspector was cordial, but firm in his adherence to the letter of the regulations. I failed five points:

  1. The windshield must be made of safety glass. It also must exist and extend higher than the drivers head, which rules out two alternate approaches of not having one at all, or using Brooklands style screens.
  2. I need a windshield wiper, which can be mounted on top.
  3. I need a license plate light
  4. I need headlamps with the DOT stamp on the lenses.
  5. I need a functioning horn.

None of these are hard except for the safety glass requirement which is going to require significant modifications to the windshield frame, since I can’t drill safety glass.

He complemented me on the car, but said that he couldn’t pass me otherwise.


One Response to AZ MVD Inspection Part 1

  1. virg says:

    You can drill safety glass or you may have found out already. The front windshield is laminated and not tempered like side glass. That’s why they can cut it to shape for you. It does require a special bit and a cooling dam placed around the hole. Test it out on an old front windshield to get it down first. Good luck

    I’ve now have my s/n for my locost8 . I have a lot to do before inspection. Oh, I used motorcyle4 1/2 inch motorcycle lites with the dot stamp on my project.


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