Stupid Electrical Tricks

This weekend I was planning on rolling over my engine to get oil circulating.

I removed the spark plugs and completed the electrical system. I hit the starter switch. Nothing. Hit it again, and I notice the wire from battery + to the starter actually moved. I touched it and BOY was it HOT! I took the starter down the Checker to get tested, and it passed, drawing 47amps at 14.7 volts, within spec. Lesson learned: even though American Autowire may ship a 10ga wire for the starter, it certainly isn’t adequate. I made up a 4ga starter wire and went to try again. That time the engine rolled over very slowly, and I start seeing smoke, oh crap! The ground wire (also 10 ga) has started melting the insulation. So I make up a 4ga ground wire for the starter, and try again, now I have NOTHING. But boy are the 4ga cable hot, and even the battery is warm. So I pull the starter out and take it down to the local Checker to have them test it, again thinking my last escapde burned it up. It works fine. Hmmm. Hey wait a minute, why didn’t they connect a big ground to the lug between the solenoid and the motor? Oh, because that is where the current goes to the motor. I was just creating a 4ga short circuit. I moved the new 4ga ground wire to the block and the engine rolls just fine now. So a ten minute job took all weekend…

Of course now that the engine rolls over it appears the oil pressure sender is wired incorrectly.  Either that, or my oil pump is drawing a vacuum.


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