Emergency brakes adjusted

I went to bed last night bothered by the fact that the emergency brakes weren’t adjusted, and not completely satisfied with the idea that they would be more easily adjustable after the service brakes were adjusted. So this evening I dove back into it.

I manually adjusted the brake adjusters until they were just about to drag on the drums. Even then the parking brakes would do nothing. Pulling the hand lever got all the free play out of the system but that was it. So I readjusted the tension in the parking brakes cables until even with the handle completely disengaged there was no play in the system. This was much harder than it sounds, since it involved tightening the system with the handle, grabbing one of the cables with a pair of of needle nose pliers and using the other hand to loosen the set screws that of course aren’t visible from any direction, then releasing the handle while maintaining tension with the needle nose pliers and re-tightening the set screws after inserting more cable into the holder. After I had the brakes adjusted I went inside a screamed at the moron who designed this system…

After the brakes were finally working I set about to modify the tunnel cover to clear the brake handle. There was no way to cut a small hole in the cover and slide it over the handle, so I had to make the cover into two pieces. Using the finest kerf hacksaw blade I had, I carefully removed a slice of material so the cover would clear the handle. Then I modified the slice taken out to go around the opposite side of the handle. When completely assembled the machined boot surround will hide all but about 3/8″ of the two cuts.



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