Emergency brake handle

I started off with some Lokar style emergency brake cable meant for a Cobra replica. These thing are long enough to rig a bus and will have to be cut down, but at $40 they were a good deal. The Lokar emergency brake handle on the other hand is $120 and I didn’t want to spend that on a part that might not fit. Luckily while perusing eBay I found an emergency brake handle that appeared to have the same cable interface as the Lokar, and it was to $30 with shipping.

The emergency brake handle arrived yesterday and was quite a bit bigger than I thought it would be. Tee real problem is that there is just just extra volume inside the tunnel. I pulled the rear springs and jacked up the rear axle so that the drive shaft and differential were at full bump. It was clear that the emergency brake wasn’t going to fit without some serious modification. It was time for the cutoff disk in the grinder.

I was able to shorten the entire assemble by three inches, only sacrificing the brake microswitch that I wasn’t going to use anyway. The major assemblies in the brake handle were riveted, so I couldn’t disassemble before welding. Luckily the entire thing survived my welding attempts, and based on the three pound hammer test, the welds were satisfactory.


Tonight I will try to mount the handle and reroute electrical lines in the tunnel.


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