Water Temperature Sensor

The L67 ECU monitors engine temperature, but I have no way of repeating that on a cockpit instrument. The AutoLoc instruments come with a sending unit with a 3/8″ NPT male fitting. The question is where to put it. The L67 sensor is just below the thermostat. Some guys on the Stalker list drilled out the bleed nipple on top of the thermostat and tapped that for the sensor. I really didn’t want to lose the simple bleed capability. I pulled the thermostat housing to look around and found a very convenient place right beneath the hose connection to the housing. A 9/16″ hole and a 3/8NPT tap later the sensor fit like a charm.

Thermostat HousingHousing and sensorHole ready for tapping

Sensor mounted in the housingSensor mounted in housingdscf2096-small.jpg


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