Oil Pressure Sending Unit

The oil pressure sending unit presented more issues than it had a right to.The oil pressure sending unit for the L67 is just below and inboard the alternator. In my case the new sending unit for the AutoLoc instruments is both larger than the original sending unit and has smaller threads than the block. The block is set up for a 1/4NPT male sending unit, and the AutoLoc unit is 1/8NPT. So I had two problems, mounting the new sending unit into the block, and clearing the alternator bracket with the new sending unit. As it turns out the racing department at Ace Hardware has all sorts of trick fitting, like 45 degree couplings and reducers.


On the left is the original sending unit, next is the AutoLoc sending unit then some Earl’s fitting that look nicer than the galvanized fittings at Ace.


Here is the new sending unit in place. Everything clears with plenty of room.


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