Cooling System

I plumbed the cooling system using two lengths of 24 inch flexible hose and one length of 36″ inch flexible hose from Summit Racing.

The 36″ inch section was routed from the rear of the engine around the rear and forward to a length of polished plumbing piping from Ace to a 24″ section of flexible hose to the upper radiator fitting. Going directly up the left hand side present clearance problems with the super charger belt. Two simple aluminum brackets secure the long run of hose to the head and the alternator bracket.

The other 24″ section of flexible hose was run from the front of the engine to the lower radiator. I was concerned about the metal flexible hose banging on the frame so I found a section of rubber radiator hose that had a nice radius U bend in it and ran that from the ending around the super charger belt.


I also plugged various holes left in the cooling system from the removal of the heater and warm start solenoid.  I used a 1″ compression plug, a 7/8″ compression plug and a 16.2mm compression plug along with black Form-A-Gasket sealant.

I still need to fit an expansion tank. I have to wait until my wife isn’t looking to steal a sports bottle…


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