Fuel System

The fuel system is a high pressure back pressure regulated return fuel system. Brunton recommends a Walbro 255LPH inline pump. Fuel-pumps.net provides a good kit at a reasonable price.

I used AN-8 Push-Loc hoses from Jeg’s from the tank to the pump and AN-8 hoses on the high pressure and return lines.

The Fuel pump is inline with two Summit Racing fuel filters, 100 micron on the Inlet, and 10 micron on the outlet. The inlet filter is to keep any debris from destroying the $200 fuel pump. The 10 micron filter should ideally prevent the 40micron filter on the injectors from ever having to do anything.

Fitting all this hardware into the rear of this tiny car presents some interesting challenges. There is plenty of volume for the parts, but the hose can’t make the sorts of bend required to put them to the side of the tank. After some trial and error I arrived at a simple location that minimized the amount of hose needed. Time will tell whether this will be effective.



5 Responses to Fuel System

  1. Civi says:

    Maybe I read the description wrong on the Jeg’s website, but I’m pretty sure it said not to use it for the fuel system. I ran into the same problem trying to fine a flexible, but strong rubber like hose for a oil return line from my turbo (truck) back to the pan…some materials don’t like solvents, or petroleums etc. I could be wrong and probably am. Sharp setup though.

  2. enderw88 says:

    I just reread the description and you are right it does say not for gasoline. They prohibit practically every fluid used in a car short of lubricants, but they list the hose under the “fuel and induction” section. Curious.

    I’d just put in a call to Jeg’s to find out what the deal is. They recently (like since I bought the host and fittings) determined that it was not to be used for gasoline. Thanks for catching this, the last thing I want is a gasoline shower…

  3. […] car, but a combination of events has made me pull it forward.A visitor to the site commented on the fuel system design that he thought the Jegs PushLoc hose was not approved for gasoline.  I checked and indeed they […]

  4. Dan Doerer says:

    I really like how you positioned the fuel pump and filters…would like to do mine the same. Any problems with the pump not lifting the fuel from the low pickup point? Not necessary to flood the inlet?
    #93 in STL

  5. enderw88 says:

    Thanks Dan, one thing that isn’t obvious from the pictures is that beneath the center of the roll hops is a piece of 3/16″x2″ angle iron welded to the frame to support the inner ends of the roll hoops. The same piece of angle supports the filters and pump, I don’t know if it would hold up using just the fiberglass rear end with no reinforcement behind it. That said the pump drew fuel very easily with no effort to prime it.

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