Recovery nearly complete

OK, I haven’t written anything in a month, but I have actually been busy.  I rebuilt the front suspension, redesigned the fuel system and built new taillights.

After a miserable attempt at welding up the fuel tank, I decided to back off that task and go with the recommended Jeg’s tank. If anyone is looking for a 13 gallon aluminum sieve I have a deal for you.  Going to the Jeg’s tank required me to rework the rear end body work.  That actually wasn’t that hard since I had save the part of the panel that I cut out to put the C-5 license plate holder in.  Being a pack rat pays sometimes…

I had to remove the rear axle which wasn’t something I ever really wanted to do.  It took two of us to get it in, and my helper wasn’t available.  So I used my engine hoist and a few rigging straps and got it out through the rear without having to disassemble it further than removing the yoke.  Once I get the new axle brackets from Brunton I will find a new axle and weld them up, then recovery will be complete.


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