A huge setback…

Well after a useless week spent working in Arkansas I returned home and had a heart to heart talk with Dennis about the suspension mods I have made.  Suffice it to say that when a guy with Dennis’ experience tells you he is seriously concerned about the safety of your modifications you should listen.

It turns out I miscalculated the loads on my upper control arm and it probably won’t survive many full braking efforts. That would be a Bad Thing.  He also convinced me that my front geometry changes were more severe than I had realized.  So I am going to ditch the wider suspension and go back to stock.  Unfortunately this means that about 30% of the work I have accomplished in the last year has to be redone or scrapped.  This is mostly the rear body work and the rear axle.

I am very disappointed that I missed this before I started in on the suspension design.  But I am happier that it was pointed out before I got an impromptu ambulance ride…


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