Wheels, and Tires, and Fenders, oh MY!!!

I finally bit the bullet and bought the tires. I had been dithering about refinishing the wheels and decided that was not part of the “make it work, then make it better” plan.

The tires are Kumho Ecsta ASP 205-50 R15. These are very high performance street tires with minimal wet weather performance. With this sort of power to weight ratio, driving in the wet is not a good idea with any sort of tire. I spoke with Dennis Brunton some time ago about using wider tires, especially on the rear, and he told me that one Stalker owner had tried 225 rear tires and actually got more wheel spin than with the equivalent 205 tires. This is because the car is so light that the extra contact patch just reduced the pressure between the road and the tire and reduced traction.

Installing the front fenders is best accomplished with a piece of square tubing that you can use to help establish a reverse bend in the fender stays. This is nothing more than brute force trial and error, but the steel bends relatively easy. The real trick is setting the front fenders so they are even from left to right. I have bent the supports but not provided for mounting the fenders yet (either bolts or permanent bonding.)



If you look back at the pages I wrote about the end vision you know I am trying for a very wide and low stance. With the tires finally mounted I can start to see how close I am getting to what I originally had in mind:




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