One of those days…

After the ten minute shifter modification I wrote about earlier I set out to fill all the hydraulic systems.The smallest (by volume) and most accessible system is the clutch line. So I made up all the fitting with Teflon tape and filled and bled the system. Flawless on the first try. Of course I won’t be able to really tell until I can drive the car, but this seemed like a winner.

Next, the front brakes. Again I made up all the fittings with Teflon tape and filled the system. This too went like a charm. Then I heard it: “drip, drip, drip…”. The master cylinder was leaking. I set about tightening the fittings again only to realize that the leak was from the heat shrunk plastic fitting that attaches the hose to the remote reservoir. This is bad. It is a simple fitting and very little can go wrong, also very little can be fixed. I decided to leave and move to the rear brakes.

Once again, I put Teflon tape on all the fittings and fill the system. Here the leak was immediate and confusing. The main brake-line coming from the master cylinder was leaking at the master cylinder. No amount of tightening would stop the leak. That is when I realized a question I had in the back of my mind was a very important one that I should have answered. On all the pre-made brake line there are two flare fittings, one at each end. One of the fittings is about an inch long, and the other is about 1/2 inch. They are both the same thread, just a different length. I don’t know why the different length. I still don’t, but I do know that the short fitting don’t have enough thread to seal the line into the end of the master cylinder. This meant remaking the brake line. I installed the brake lines before I put the engine in, and unfortunately some of the clamps are very difficult to reach with the lump in place.  That was a very long job…

The good part is that after remaking the rear brake lines I found a reasonable place for the proportioning valve: Directly above the master cylinders with the knob to port. I don’t expect to have to adjust it often, so the access is fine.

I removed the remote reservoir fitting from the front master cylinder and couldn’t find any obvious cracks or cuts in the O-ring. So I reset it and will leak check again tomorrow. If that doesn’t fix it I will probably have to pull the master cylinder out, which is not a pleasant prospect…


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