Another (better) shifter modification

I really wasn’t happy with the location of the shift knob, even after I modified the stock shifter it was still too far forward for my short arms. While searching around eBay for new shifters for the Camaro T-5 I ran across a lot of short shifter kits for Mustang T-5s. The bolt pattern holding the Mustang shifter to the transmission is different than the camaro pattern so it wasn’t immediately obvious that the Mustang kits could be modified to use. After some searching I found an auction for a Steeda Short Shifter handle.

I drilled two size F holes into the base of the Camaro shift lever and tapped them for 5/16″-24 holes. After bolting the Steeda handle onto the shifter the knob is approximately five inches further back and slightly lower than I could get it with any reasonable modification of the stock shifter.

The Steeda handle doesn’t seem to be available without buying the entire kit, so I got pretty lucky. But there are a number of knock-off shifter kits that contain a similar lever that could be bolted on in the same way. As a bonus, it appears that simply drilling two extra holes in the lower mount of these kits will make the entire shifter useable on the Camaro version of the T-5.

Steeda Tri-Ax Shift Lever installed


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