First signs of life!

I decided to smoke test what I have of the electrical system, and amazingly enough, no smoke came out!

Many people saddled with an education think electrical systems work by controlling the flow of electrons through wires.  That is rather silly when a much better explanation is easily reached through experiment.  Take any electrical system and cause a short circuit with a piece of wire, then turn it on.  Smoke will come out, and the circuit will no longer work.  Therefore it must be true the SMOKE makes electrical systems work.

The headlights and hi beam indicator on the dash worked without any fuss. The right blinker worked, but the left blinker didn’t. I finally traced the problem to what appeared to be a broken wire in the trun signal relay box. I pulled it out and disassembled it only to find that what I really had was a bad crimp. It looked fine, but it was open. So I soldered through the crimp and reinstalled the relay box and everything worked fine.



One Response to First signs of life!

  1. Missy says:

    Th27#&8a1t;s such a great question, Jane! To me it seems logical that Skype would be a great solution- it’s a live, 1-on-1 opportunity to get to know each other. You still get to see the mannerisms of the other person, their tone, how they articulate, etc. It is still a time commitment that you’ve each put into getting to know one another, and offers that personal connection. Maybe people have other thoughts, but I think it’s a great idea!

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