American Autowire Highway 15 system

After looking around extensively at the various wiring kits around I chose an American Autowire Highway 15 circuit system. I chose this because it was one of the few that used a main fuse rather than a fusible link, had larger gauge wire than typical and had a modular expandable fuse block. Many of the kits I looked at had wires already installed into the fuse block which would have included many circuits I didn’t yet need.

The kit arrived and I inventoried all of the parts. Everything was individually bagged with instructions sheets in each bag. They even included several extra connectors in a “Terminal Practice Kit”. The instructions seem well thought out and detailed. With every part I could think of, including keyed ignition switch, headlight switch and dimmer switch. One interesting oversight was on the main schematic: there was no indication where the main battery positive connected in. I emailed technical support and received a quick answer, which in retrospect was pretty obvious. The battery connects to the starter motor, and the main fuse connects to the same terminal on the starter.

I had to make several changes to the kit since I did not have a traditional turn signal on the steering column. Aside from the is installation went very well. The connector are very high quality and there are enough spares that the inevitable mistakes can be worked through without a trip to the local parts shop.

I can’t understate the comfort that well labeled wires bring. I have done complicated wiring on other projects using a single color of wire and the headaches it brings are intense and long lasting as troubleshooting is even more difficult that initial assembly. If you are doing a wiring job find a kit with this sort of labeling, it is worth it.


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