Festival of Wires, Day 2

Lots of progress today. I fabricated a panel to hold the switch gear, and completed the ignition switch circuitry.

When I cut the dash to clear the shifter I cut too high (Murph’s law of measurement), so I need to cover the error. The simplest way was to fabricate a cover plate to hold the switch gear. This has the advantage of making it simple to change the switch gear layout in the future if I need more circuits.


I re-routed the main engine wiring harness to go beneath the shelf, through the tunnel and up into the scuttle area through a cutout in my center tunnel panel. This keeps all of the main wiring harness out of site for a cleaner appearing firewall.


Here is a shot of the drivers side tunnel access panel removed showing the access to the transmission provided. It is nearly impossible to pull the main panel out with the pedals in place, so this access panel will make clutch adjustment much easier.



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