Shifter modification

One of the weakness of the Super Stalker is the compromise in shifter position you have when you use the Camaro T-5 transmission.  The shifter is quite far forward and very tall.

The shifter is as far to the rear of the transmission as it can get, but still far enough forward that you have to cut into the dash to clear the shifter lever. The lever is also quite long. So the goal is to shorten the lever and move the shifter knob aft to make shifting a bit more comfortable.

The stock Camaro shifter has a rubber isolator built in to reduce Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH). If you are concerned about NVH, do not build a Stalker. Using a cutoff wheel in an angle grinder I was able to remove the rubber isolator from the shifter without damaging the main lever. I then shortened the upper lever and drilled it out (drill size X, 0.397″) to a press fit over the top of the basic lever. This shortened the entire assembly by about two inches. Then I stuck the assembly in a vice and bent the lever back to where I liked it.

The shifter knob will now be two inches lower and 4 inches aft of where it would have been without this modification.

Original shifter with rubber isolatorBent and shortened shifterdscf1739-small.jpg


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