Wiring the Engine

The Super Stalker kit comes with a custom ECM and wiring harness. I installed the wiring harness and the ignition control module this afternoon.

The best place for the ignition control module (ICM) is centered behind the engine on the shelf in front of the firewall. The ICM consists of three separate ignition modules screwed to a backplate using self tapping screws. Since the shelf material is 0.065 aluminum and will hold threads I opted to remove the backing plate and match drill holes into the shelf (if you leave the backplate one you wont have many thread to deal with, and probably won’t get a tight fit). A number 19 bit was the correct size for the screws on my ICM. After drilling six #19 holes and two 0.25″ holes (for clearing two set screws that come out of the bottom of the ICM) I screwed the ICM down to the shelf. It easily passes the “yank” test and should be easy to remove.

ICM Baseplate, cut off the brackets so you have a flat plateICM Base plate used as a drilling jigICM with wiring harness attached.

The wiring harness is very well labeled and as long as you don’t force the connectors this would be hard to screw up. Each connector is keyed such that it fits only one place.  Finding the place can be a trick. One thing that did get me for a while was how to route the line to the crankshaft position sensor, “CPS”. There is another line labeled “CMP” that runs along with it and I found that sensor first. It points down and to the right on the front of the engine next to the main pulley, so I ran the line along the lower right hand side of the engine. This didn’t work because the crankshaft position sensor cable wouldn’t reach. So, I had to run the crankshaft position sensor line beneath the left head forward and have the CMP line do a quick 180 to get back into the sensor.

Crankshaft Positon SensorCMP Sensor with wires going back behind main pulley

One sensor that eluded me was the “ATS sensor”. I couldn’t find this anywhere. I thought it might be for intake air temperature and would be in the intake tract which I don’t have installed yet.  I appealed to the Stalker Owners group and confirmation came within a few hours.


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