Supercharger Belt Tensioner

The L67 engine used in Buick applications have the supercharger tensioner set such that it will interfere with the frame and hood of the Super Stalker. Dennis Brunton has an ingenious solution that only requires a 1/2″ drill…

The Supercharger tensioner in the original configuration

Remove the tensioner from the engine and place it in your vice as shown here


Drill a 1/2 inch hole in the crotch of the webs just above the lower left hole as shown here


then turn the bracket around and grind out some of the webbing to give clearance for the nut that holds the bracket on the stud.

Now here is the really cool part, just by coincidence that very easy to locate hole is in just the right position to use mounting bosses already in the head. Here are the locations of the original studs, after the bracket was removed:


move the upper left stud to the lower hole on the head


The third stud in the original picture can be removed entirely. Now reinstall the bracket and you have excellent clearance:



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