Engine Installation

Before you install the engine make sure the work area is clear and you have lots of time. You don’t want to rush this. This was the tightest fit I have ever seen. Take your time and be vigilant and you will have no problems.

First make sure the the transmission mounts are installed and that the studs have no more than about 3/4″ left (they need to be trimmed) .

Then rig the engine such that your engine leveler is nearly fully to one side with the engine level. You will need some significant tile to get the engine down into the frame. The best approach to installing the engine is to place the hoist perpendicular to the center-line of the car so that it can position the engine left to right, and you can move the car forward and backward. So if your car is on jack-stands or saw horses it needs get on its wheels.

My work-cart is on casters so I didn’t think I would have any problems. So contrary to my own advice I positioned the hoist directly in front of the frame and pushed it back in, only to find the the hoist I bout last months was exactly same width as the caster on the cart I built almost a year ago, and I could get into place. Figure the odds. Anyway, I shifted the rig and came in from the correct direction.


Angle the transmission down about 30 degrees and lower it into the engine bay.  You will have to alternately lower and level the engine to get it back in.  When the engine is completely settled the transmission bell housing clears the frame by less the 1/8″ in places.



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