Engine Unloading

The engine arrived on Monday so I trooped over with the trusty ML-320 to pick it up from FedEx Freight. I had initially determined to get a trailer to bring it back but the local UHaul trailers were questionable to say the least. Even the proprieter wasn’t comfortable saying these 10 foot trailers could haul a 300 pound engine. My biggest concern with putting the engine in the car was that I wouldn’t have the clearance overhead to lift the engine using my engine hoist. But a few measurements of the inside height (37″) convinced me that I could get the engine out without too much trouble.

Unfortunately I didn’t take into account the the extra height of the double pallet beneath the engine. So once the package was inside the car I had about 7 inches of clearance above. The engine level I have is 7 inches minimum. So violating all known rigging safety rules I lashed the engine to the crane boom by simply running the rigging straps over the top of the boom. I knew I couldn’t get the engine to the ground this way since the straps would slide off the boom long before the engine got to the ground. But I hoped I could get the engine off the lower pallet so I could pull it out from beneath the engine. Then I could set the engine back down in the car with 7 inches more clearance and I could properly rig it out on to the ground in the garage. Everything worked out, and the engine is in the garage.



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