Rigging the chassis

Today I walked through my ideas on getting the car to the ground when it is ready. The basic idea is to rig it up using my 2T engine hoist and motorcycle straps rated at 1000lbs. Along the way I got a very good idea of where the current CG is and moved the build table forward so the engine pan will clear it.

One aspect of my engine hoist that is not obvious is how the out rigger wheels mount. They are inside the outriggers rather than mounted below them. This allows me to get beneath something only 5 inches tall. Most engine hoists are almost 8 inches tall at the out riggers, which may be fine for a full size car, but not for something with low ground clearance lkike a race car. These are somewhat hard to find, and I finally found a Checker Auto that could order one although another Checker told me they couldn’t get them.



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