Preparing the Camaro Transmission

The Super Stalker specifies a T5 transmission from a 1996-2000 Camaro 3.8. These transmissions are not hard to find and I was able to grab one at a local scrapyard this morning. The Camaro transmission uses a bell housing that won’t fit inside the Stalker frame so Brunton provides a custom bell housing modified to fit correctly.

In order to fit the new bell housing you first have to remove the concentric clutch actuator. First use a 3/8″ open end wrench to completely remove the bleeder, then you can pull the actuator out. This is a good time to renew the throwout bearing and make sure everything is nice and clean. If you got your transmission from a scrap yard, most likely there is a remnant of the old hydraulic line to the slave cylinder. Remove this by driving out the pin with a 1/8″ drift. Make sure you save the little rubber seal at the end unless you already have a new one. Brunton supplies a custom hydraulic line to the slave cylinder, but do not install it yet.

Once the actuation piston has been removed you can pull off the old bell housing and fit the Brunton supplied housing. Once the new bell housing is installed, route the custom hydraulic line through the bell housing THEN fit it to the slave cylinder and drive in the securing pin. If you don’t do this you will find that the hole in the bell housing is not big enough to pass the free end of the hydraulic line and you will have to back up and start over. This has been experimentally verified.


Once the actuator has been attached to the transmission you can fit the bleeder back through the hole in the bell housing.

You are ready to mount the transmission to the engine. My engine hasn’t arrived yet, so that will have to wait.


2 Responses to Preparing the Camaro Transmission

  1. Tim Wohlford says:

    Hmm… looking at a home-built GM V6 locost. My motor will likely be a 3400 out of a FWD car (more HP, lots of cheap good motors, one of which is in my garage).

    One thing I’ve noticed is that the bell housing from my T5 tranny is very wide. In fact, it’s about 18″ wide since there is an external slave cylinder.

    Are you using the 3800 V6, or the 3.4L V6 kit? And, can you tell me what tranny Brunton specifies for the 3.4L (60 degree) V6? Would that concentric hydraulic throwout bearing work on my T5?


  2. enderw88 says:

    I am building a 3800 version of the Stalker.

    For the 2.8/3.4 Stalkers, Dennis (Brunton) recommends a T5 out of a mid nineties S-10. The trick is making the shifter work, since the truck shifter is pretty far forward on the transmission. I can’t say whether you could use a concentric actuator or not. There are too many variables, like the stack height of your pressure plate and whther or not the bosses are even there to bolt the actuator to.

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