Front Brakes

The front brakes are complete.

I hate when I have a good idea after I have already drilled holes, but this was one of them. I had intended to run the brakes lines behing the lower control arm to keep them out of the airstream, but the banjo fittings on the outer ends prevents the lines from nicely routing that way, and it would have required buying longer lines than what were shipped with the kit (remember my track is 9 inches wider than stock). So, after I had nicely bent the brake lines to route to my original idea, I realized that I could run the line between the control arms and use the original lines. The brake lines will be in the airstream, but given the over cleanliness of a lotus seven, this isn’t even in the top ten for drag reduction. The master cylinder t-fitting line is a standard 40″ line from Checker, and the lines to the brake hose brackets are standard 12 inch lines, all bent with a nice little brake line bender. The brake hose brackets are from scrap aluminum. It is hard to see in the picture belo but the outlets from the master cylinder that will go up to the remote reservoirs are canted in by about 15 degrees. If you but them so they run straight down the line of the mastercylinder they go directly above the bleeder screws and it will be impossible to connect a collection hose to the bleeder.



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