Front Suspension Complete

OK, its all together now, and except for some bearing seals nothing should have to come apart again prior to road test. This is the first time I can really start to see whether I am going to get the look I want, and so far I am very happy with it.

New front suspension front quarter view

A close up of the suspensions shows better shows how the lower control arms acts as a rocker arm to actuate the coil-overs (the outer end of the shock is the tiny bit of red inside the upper control arm). When the suspension is at design ride height the braces for the pushrod tuck in behind the bonnet and are out of the airstream:



2 Responses to Front Suspension Complete

  1. Manny kit 74 says:

    just wanted to know why you widened the front susp and went to the push rod set up

  2. enderw88 says:

    First, my decision to widen the track in no way reflects any criticism of the perfomance of the stock design. I think its performance record speaks for itself. But for purely cosmetic reasons I wanted a wider track. For economic reasons I wanted to use the original dampers provided with the kit, which necessitated the rocker arm setup. Strictly speaking it isn’t a pushrod since there is no separate actuation rod for the dampers. More details on what I am trying to do overall can be found at

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