2007 Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson

We went to the Scottsdale BJ for the second year in a row. There were many interesting cars as usual but this year was a bit disappointing in that there were fewer concept cars for sale. This year might be called the year of the Cuda’s. They were going for insane prices given that they were practically off the radar screen five years ago. We were present to watch Carrol Shelby’s “Super Snake” go for $US5.5M.

The biggest dissapointment was the inclusion of “Rock Memorabilia” in the middle of the car auction. A bit before the Super Snake, they auctioned a piano played by John Lennon, a guitar played by George Harrison and a score to “Whilst My Guitar Gently Weeps”. Really, I am all for people expanding their business lines, but that was ridiculous. And based on the applause when the first car came out AFTER the rock stuff, I wasn’t alone in seeing that as an undesired distraction from the car auction.

Here is a hint in case you didn’t know it already: unless you are Boyd Coddington, Chip Foose or some other real NAME in the hot rod world, don’t think you can get your money back out of a Hot Rod. I watched beautifully built cars that cost a few hundred thousand dollars to produce go for half to third what it cost to make. Kit cars, like replica Cobras, were going for less than the cost to purchase the components to build the kit.

The fifty’s cars appear to have had their run, and now the big money is in the sixties car, particularly the muscle cars, and anything with a 426 Hemi in it.

We might try to hit the Pebble Beach auction to see a more european orientation to the cars, particularly Ferrari’s.


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