Differential installed

A good friend came into town and helped me install the Detroit TruTrac differential and the 2.73 gears I bought. We found a way to get the axle into the rear of the frame with the pinion installed. I don’t think we could do it with the actual ring gear installed. So if it ever has to come out I’ll need help. Luckily with the axles removed and the differential out it doesn’t weight that much. The rear disk backing plate, caliper brackets and calipers are installed, but still no pads, they are are really just there for safe keeping at this point. A rough fit of the widened rear fenders showed they will fit exactly as planned.

We also built a mock-up of the new front lower control arm to check for interference with the steering rack. We think it will work fine, so I can now start cutting metal for the control arms.


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