Extending the Tie Rods

One problem with my extra wide suspension that I have been trying to solve has been extending the tie rods. The suspion is 4.5 inches wider on each side, but no one makes longer tie rods to fit the Chevette rack that the Stalker was designed around. I have hit on two ideas:

  1. Cut the tie rods and use a sleeve of 0.120 wall 4130 with an interference fit and pins to extend the length. The only drawbacks are that if I screw up the tie rods are very expensive and it will be difficult to inspect in service.
  2. Use threaded rod and a coupling nut to lengthen the end of the tie rod. The steering tie rod ends are threaded M14x1.5. I found threaded rod matching this at McMaster, but no one seems to make an M14x1.5 coupling nut, so I will make my own out of some 4130 I have laying around. Using the threaded rod to end the steering linkage seems fundamentally safer than cutting the tie rod and fitting an extension sleeve.



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