OK, I committed today. That sounds funny, but I have had some serious analysis paralysis the last few months and I finally did something irreversible to break through the log jam: I permanently attached the floors, seatback and set the clutch pedal. This sounds trivial, but it means no more dithering about whether or not to powder coat the frame which was the biggest impediment to progress.

Unfortunately setting the clutch pedal showed I made a mistake with my trick hood latches. There is almost no clearance between the clutch pedal during its travel and the latch bracket. This will probably mean that I have to ditch the cool latches and go for the standard (ugly) external hold downs.

I also proved that I cannot install the rear axle fully assembled I will have to put the housing in THEN install the differential carrier and pinion gears. That is actually OK since I need to do the gears anyway any the back of the car is the best place to store it. I ordered the Detroit TruTrac torque biasing differential from Summit and the shim kit to do the install so hopefully this week all will arrive.


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